How to create Privacy Policy Page for Blogger and WordPress

How to create Privacy Policy Page for Blogger and WordPress

Hello friends, in this article I am going to tell you how to create Privacy Policy Page for Blogger and WordPress. Friends if you want grow your website rank in search engine then Privacy Policy Page is very important.

Privacy Policy Page makes good impression in search engine and it also protects your site from cookies. If anybody comment spam on your site and your privacy policy page does not follow that comment then it will be automatically send in your spam folder.

Privacy Policy Page makes your site eligible for Google Search engine and Google Adsence Account. Google has very strict terms and conditions and you have to clear all legal terms by the google. Google easily approves those sites which have own Privacy Policy Page.

How to create Privacy Policy Page?

It is very easy to create Privacy Policy Page for the website. Here I am going to tell about a website by which you can create privacy policy page. And name of the website is Follow these steps given below and you can create Privacy Policy Page in some time.

Step-1: first of all, visit on You click on this link to direct access

Step-2: Now you have to register on it. So, fill your detail and register here.

Step-3: Once you done registration, click on Serprank Privacy Policy Page Generator.

Step-4: After that, go to the top menu and click on Member Area and then Member Tools.

Step-5: Here you have to register your website as shown in image and follow the steps given below. Fill the detail and select appropriate option according to your website.

  • Enter URL of your website.
  • Now enter email address.
  • If you will apply for Google adsence then you have to accept cookies. So click on We use cookies.
  • Tick mark on Google Adsence in Advertiser Information. You can select more option according to your website.

Step-4: Once you selected all option then click on Create my Privacy Policy.

Step-5: Now Privacy Policy Page of your website has generated. Copy the all content from the Text Box.

How to add Privacy Policy Page to your website?

Step-1: Go to your website.

Step-2: Now add a New Page.

Step-3: Give the title of your page and paste the copied text in the content area.

Step-4: Now publish the page by clicking Publish button.

Note: Add Privacy Policy Page to Footer area. Google can easily search your site while indexing.

Guys this was the auto generated Privacy Policy Page which was very easy to create. But you can also create this page yourself. You can also create Privacy policy Page in Hindi because Google also support Hindi language.

I hope you liked this article how to create Privacy Policy Page for Blogger and WordPress. If you did not create a Privacy Policy Page for your website or blog then this article will be very helpful to you.

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