How to convert Facebook Profile to Page in Few Minutes

How to Increase Likes on Facebook Page Free. You can easily Increase Likes on your page

Hello everyone today I am going to tell you how to convert facebook profile to page in few minutes. You will get more like on your page and no need to send invitation to your friends.

Most of the people want to increase traffic on facebook page. They want more people hit like on the page. But only few friends accept the request.

This trick helps to increase traffic on your page without send invitation to anyone. You will get thousands of likes on your page in few minutes and thousands of people will be connected to your page. And you will get more traffic on your facebook page.

Note: Once you converted your profile into page, you cannot convert page into profile back.

How to convert Facebook Profile to Page in few Minutes

I recommend, create a new facebook profile and add maximum friends to your friends list. You can add only 5 thousand friends to your friend list.

How to convert Facebook Profile to Facebook Page

Step-1: First of all login to your Facebook profile.

Step-2: Now make some changes in URL address. Type and hit enter.

Step-3: Now click on Get Started.

Step-4: After some seconds, you will get the notification that, “Congratulation! You now have a new Facebook Page.

Step-5: Now click on Get Started.

Step-6: Your facaebook page has created.

Step-7: In category click on edit and choose the category what is your page.

Step-8: Now edit your name, by default it shows your profile name. Choose appropriate name.

Step-9: You can enter your phone number, address etc. After edited all the things, click on next.

Step-10: Now you will see an option “Add friends to your page”. Here you can select all your friends who added to your friend list on facebook.

Step-11: Choose “Select All”. By this all your friends on your facebook profile will be connected to your page automatically and no need to send invitation to anyone.

Step-12: After select all friends click on next.

Step-13: Now add your photo to your page (I recommend add photo which represents your business or page) and click on Finish.

Step-14: Now you will see your facebook page get likes automatically.

Get 10 Thousands Likes on Facebook Page

So first add 5000 friends into your friend list then convert into page you will get 5 thousand likes on your page and then unfriend all the friends from your friend list and add new 5000 friends again into your profile and connect these new friends to your page and you can also get likes by these new friends.

You can do this between 14 days after once you converted your profile into facebook page. You can get 10 thousand likes to your facebook page.

So friends I hope you enjoyed this trick. If you liked this article how to convert facebook profile to page in few minutes, tell me your views by commenting below. And please share this article on social media. Thank you.

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